Acid reflux can cause loss of voice

By Scott Frant |

Loss of voice is a condition in which a person becomes unable to speak. The Larynx becomes injured or swollen which forbids the vocal chords to vibrate properly and thus a person loses his voice. There are many reasons in which the larynx can get damaged but the most common one of them all is GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder.

GERD is caused when the muscle fibers, known as  lower esophageal sphincter, are responsible for keeping the food from entering the esophagus once it has passed through it are not closed properly. Due to the acid present in the stomach, it shoots upwards and passing through the esophagus and reaches the larynx. The Larynx is a very sensitive organ and can get hurt by the acid. Once it becomes inflamed, a person loses his voice.

The loss of voice caused by the reflux of acid is very painful because the vocal cords get severely damaged by the acid. The patient feels a stinging and burning sensation in his throat which increases during night. The reflux of the acid mostly takes place at night when a person sleeps because during sleep the person is lying down and the acid can easily trickle down in the esophagus and damage the vocal cords.

Loss of voice caused by GERD does not subside by the passage of time and if steps are not taken to control the reflux of the acid then the vocal cords will get more damage. Therefore, patients suffering from voice loss because of stomach indigestions are advised by doctors to take antacids to keep the level of acid in the stomach to a minimum.

Some precautionary measures are also needed to be taken by a person suffering from GERD to avoid loss of voice. Firstly a meal should be eaten immediately before sleeping and foods must be avoided that will upset the stomach. Second, using antacids is an effective over the counter treatment method for GERD. The antacids provide relief to a person by not letting the acid build up in the stomach. Finally, gargling and speech therapy are also beneficial for patients of GERD because the acid reflux can alter the voice of a person by a great degree.

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