Loss of Voice Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

By Rachel Sparks | lossofvoice.com

Loss of Voice Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The power to speak is what differentiates a man from a beast. It is this capability of ours that makes us superior than the other beings on Earth. The capability of speech we possess is because of the intricately designed vocal chords which are present in the Larynx or voice box of our throats. The vocal chords vibrate when air passes over them generating sound.

The structuring and the design of the Larynx are such that the vocal chords have a free space to vibrate in. The slightest of change in this design is going to have a negative effect on the functionality of the vocal chords which will result in loss of voice.

Loss of Voice Causes

The change in the structuring of the Larynx can be attributed to a number of factors. The most prominent of these is the inflammation of the tissues of the Larynx because of a bacterial or viral infection. Another reason why there could be a distortion in the designing of the Larynx is because of a neuromuscular disorder which weakens the muscles present in and around the Larynx. Most singers are encountered with loss of voice problems because they overuse their vocal chords. The excessive use of tobacco and alcohol is also a major reason for voice loss.

Loss of Voice Symptoms

The beginning of the problem of loss of voice is marked by a hoarse voice. The voice of the person starts to change and becomes scratchy. This is the initial symptom that the person has become a victim of Laryngitis. The hoarseness of voice is then followed by coughing and the person finds it difficult to talk to others. He begins to feel congestion in his chest and the area around the throat starts to swell. Severe pain is felt in the throat and gradually the person loses his voice completely.

Loss of Voice Treatment

Some symptoms of loss of voice can be treated by natural home-made remedies while others require over the counter treatments. The natural remedies include steam and hot tea which provide moistness to the throat and the larynx. This moisture helps in reducing the swelling of the larynx and restoring it to its original shape. The over the counter treatments include antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids. The antibiotics and antihistamines are used to treat the infections causing the problem of voice loss while the steroids are used to reduce the inflammation of the larynx.

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