Natural remedies for loss of voice

By Jim Mackey |

Natural remedies for loss of voice

Loss of voice is a problem which is often faced by people who shout a lot. The larynx gets swollen and the vocal chords do not have the space to vibrate freely. When the vocal chords cannot vibrate freely,  a person’s voice becomes hoarse.  A hoarse voice can make it difficult for a person to converse freely. If the symptoms are not treated early, person could risk losing his voice indefinitely, depending on its severity.

There are many natural remedies which can be used for treating the symptoms of loss of voice. Using these natural home-made remedies is easy and a person does not need to do much to find a quick solution to the problem. Some of the most useful natural remedies are:

  • Steam

The swelling of the larynx can be eased by inhaling stem which will moisten the larynx and would speed up the healing process of the vocal chords. Steam vapors soothe the pain in the throat and provide relief to the larynx.

  • Moistening the Throat

Drinking water regularly is a good way of keeping the throat moist which helps in comforting the larynx. People can use chewing gum too to keep their throat moist.

  • Gargling

Gargling with saltwater can also prove to be very useful in comforting the inflamed tissues and membranes of the larynx. Gargling should be done 3-4 times a day depending on the severity of the problem.

Since loss of voice or Laryngitis is sometimes caused by viruses, it is good to use acidic substances like vinegar for gargling purposes. Vinegar is a weak acid and will destroy the bacteria and the microorganisms which are causing the problem.

  • Tea

Drinking hot tea is a very effective natural remedy for curing hoarseness of voice. A cup of tea with a few drops of lemon will disinfect the throat of a person who must get their voice back quickly.

Ginger tea has also been found useful in curing the symptoms of loss of voice. Ginger heals the inflamed membranes of the mucous present in the larynx which relaxes the pain in the voice box and normalizes the voice of a person.

  • Avoid Speaking

The most effective treatment method for treating a hoarse voice is to avoid speaking for a few days. This will give time to the larynx to recuperate and it will heal quickly. strives to become a valuable resource to loss of voice sufferers around the world. We wish you and your voice peace and a comfortable season. Remember to bookmark us!

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  1. Excellent article. I’m going through a few these troubles. Loss of voice information should be more readily available.

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